Thursday, March 3, 2011

Procrastination & Deadlines

So I have been contemplating an author's life recently. I think if I wrote solely for a living I would be poor or would never sleep for weeks at a time :) I do my best work under deadlines and the closer to the deadline the easier it is for me to write. Of course this doesn't translate to fictional writing necessarily. I am a grad student and am currently working on my proposal. I have been trying to force myself to write my third chapter and did it on the day before it was due in a few hours. Not to say I hadn't spent plenty of time thinking about it before it happened. It just seems that things are always easier for me when deadlines loom near.

So what does this have to do with a book blog?? I want to convey the high level of respect that I have for these authors that write their books and for the fact that many of the ones I follow on a blog can create a schedule and stick to it. I would wind up a week before a deadline and give up all contact with the world. I seem to suffer from a case of writers block until circumstances get dire. In fact, I even have the first part of a book started but work on it only on occasion as an outlet. I can't imagine doing that on a regular basis (I also doubt it will ever be published as I am much better at writing research than fiction).

So the procrastination part of this post is my most recent venture in procrastination... The four book release week that happened this week. So far I have only finished one of the four book but I did manage to get a revision done on my first chapter of my dissertation. So thats progress RIGHT!? Next week I will buckle down and revise ch. 2... or so I will tell myself...

What are you currently procrastinating & how??

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