Monday, February 28, 2011

Here we go again.....

So I am starting to wonder if all the authors in the series I read got together and decided to release on the same date a few times a year... Not really but it seems every few months this phenomena happens again. Releasing on March 1 that I want to read:

How am I supposed to choose!!?? I am also still trying to get through the Latest Melissa Marr book that was just released and still stay on top of finishing up my proposal for my dissertation... Luckily we are off all next week for Mardi Gras break so hopefully I can do some relaxing and catching up on schoolwork. Because I'll be honest I am a procrastinator and these books are the perfect excuse to do so :) I think I will just blindfold myself and pick one to download tonight. Unless anyone out there has read the ARC and has an opinion??

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