Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Five (1)

The Friday Five is a new meme that I am taking from Sarah Dessen's blog. I like how she summarizes her thoughts and activities for the week and find it adds a personal touch. So without further ado here are my five for the week!

1. GLEE was a rerun this week and I FORGOT. After planing my entire Tues night around GLEE my husband reminded me that it wasn't new. I am not sure if it is a testimony to the show that I religiously watch or if it is evidence of my extreme nerdiness. Take your pick.

2. I finished my Ch. 3 and revisions of Ch. 1 of my dissertation. For those of you that don't know a dissertation is a massive undertaking and basically I finished everything but some edits before I actually do a experiment (aka study). Now I get to undertake the fun task of being grilled by a committee to determine if this is a good idea. A nervous breakdown is likely on the way.

3. My daughter's first birthday party is this weekend. This is turning my life upside down. I am having to make her cake because it is Mardi Gras weekend and thus impossible to get a bakery to do anything but a king cake or a wedding cake. In case you don't know I am so right brained I can't even draw stick people. So I'm sticking with making an Ace of hearts cake. Its hearts and they are geometric so I should be able to handle it.. If not she will just be permanently scarred because her mom forgot what weekend was Mardi Gras weekend and made an ugly cake.. not.. at least its a tea party and tea is hard to mess up.

4. There were four releases this week that I am dying to read. I think my husband is likely to have a heart attack if I buy four books in one week. Thus I am having to wait for the library, friends, etc to get them. I did buy one but will have to wait on the others. 40 dollars in a week is understandable to freak out over :)

5. I am OFF work all next week. This is such a beautiful thing. One of the high points of being a teacher other than actually teaching is the fact that right as the kids are getting so restless there is a break where we can all take a breather and come back refreshed. This is also great for me because it has been an insanely busy year and I have a ball to go to this weekend. Which means no sleep Sat. night and then the bday party on Sunday. So I will have all week to catch up on my procrastination and my sleep. 


  1. New follower from the blog hop...

    Hooray for teachers! I can't wait for Spring Break. We don't get out until the last week in March! What level do you teach?

    I'm going to steal your meme. I like that idea of a review of the week's happenings. Most of my weeks are the same, but sometimes they have great surprises! (like this one)

    If you want to check out my blog it's at:

  2. We get this week for Mardi Gras and another week in april for spring break. Glad you like the meme! I'll stop by your blog and check it out.

  3. Don't sweat it on the birthday party! If she's only one year old, I'm sure she won't remember it.