Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ghost Huntress 5: The Discovery by Marley Gibson

I was so excited to see this book in the Amazon Vine newsletter. I reviewed the fourth book in the series pre-release last year and was waiting on the fifth installment. The only bad thing about reviewing pre-release is sometimes I have to wait that much longer for the next installment if I don’t get it early. I really love the story between Kendall and Patrick in the fourth book and was looking forward to seeing what kind of situations two psychics could get into. Here’s the description from

After some time off, Kendall’s ready to begin ghost hunting again. But her life is still in flux. She misses Patrick, her new love. She needs to find a photographer to replace Taylor. Plus, she may have discovered who her real father is, but to be sure, she has to convince his family she’s not a fake.

And then there’s a certain doll that seems to be out to get her and her friends. Adoll? How could that be? Unless, perhaps, it’s not just a doll. Maybe it’s a vessel containing the soul of a man so evil in life, not even death could stop his reign of terror. This could be Kendall’s most terrifying and deadliest encounter yet.

This book was full of paranormal events. The Ghost Huntress team winds up investigating some pretty creepy stuff. There will not be a boring narration in this book. Personally I have always had a closet fear of chucky and the doll in this book has a similar creep factor to my childhood fear. Dolls are just creepy in general to me though.

Kendall and Patrick continue to make a cute couple. Although, I am waiting for the shoe to fall with them. Reading each other's thoughts and feelings will not always result in a "happy couple" but they are still in that cute honeymoon phase. I think it will be interesting to see what happens with them especially after the way the book ended.

One of the reasons I enjoy this series so much is Celia's character is so scientific. She is always trying to find concrete evidence that can't be explained any other way. All of the characters in this story bring something to it in their own unique way. While it is narrated by Kendall you don't get a lot of the angsty teenage girl voice because she is busy interacting with her friends and family.

I also love all the research that Marley has done in the Ghost Hunting area. She uses real equipment and procedures that make you feel as though you are there. It also doesn't feel like it is being stretched thin for paranormal explanations.

I was so glad to see that Kendall pursued the search for her father. I think that was a really interesting side story. I won't say how it turns out but there were some surprises in that area.

The ending to this book is really interesting. It's not a huge cliffhanger but it has left me waiting to see what will happen in book 6! I give this book a 4/5. It was a quick fun read, definitely worth picking up.

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