About Me

I live just outside of the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana. I absolutely love living so close to such a diverse cultural base. There is nothing better than spending the weekend downtown in the restaurants and seeing a play, concert, or just watching people in the quarter.

I have three beautiful children. An eight year old boy, a three year old girl and a newborn. They keep me extremely busy these days. My son is a working child actor and he has done projects in both Los Angeles and New Orleans. Its a great experience for him and we now spend 2-3 months in Los Angeles a year now that he signed with an agency. He is also a very talented competitive swimmer at a young age. My daughter is in love with dance and she enjoys her weekly dance classes.

I am in graduate school to get my PhD in Secondary Math Curriculum & Instruction. I teach college math courses for several different schools online so I can be home with my kids. Hence the title of my blog. It is originally a quote from a personal hero Archimedes, "Do not disturb my circles." Circles were serious business. I have a similar attitude with my reading. I don't like my reading to be interrupted and I will always find time to read. These days it seems to be during all the late night feedings with my youngest :) Most people have no idea that I am constantly reading since I am usually preoccupied with math in my professional world. However, reading is a great hobby of mine.

Thus, I decided I might as well do something with everything that I read. I have really begun to enjoy blogging and getting to talk to many great authors. I am looking forward to adding author interviews and some giveaways to the site soon so keep checking back for new features!

If you have a review request please email it to brturnbu@uno.edu with a sample from the book. I prefer either Kindle or pdf copies to review. I will review both Indie and traditionally published books.