Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Five (2)

1. I am currently on the road to Dallas. Sadly my grandpa passed away this week and we are headed to Dallas to spend some time with the family and go to his memorial service. Thus there may be some blog silence for the next few days depending on the schedule of things. Although I sadly did not get a chance to find some new books to upload to my phone to read so I may have to content myself with reading old stuff. Sadly brining a book is a clear indicator that I do not plan to drive so I must bring books on my phone so that it is not obvious to the husband that I plan to ignore him during the drive :)

2.    2.  I am very excited that my blog is going to be under construction in the next few weeks. I have the lovely Tammy with visions expressed graphics working on a new background, banner and button for my blog. I am very excited about the changes that are coming. I will also be changing some things with ratings and features on the blog. Check back as the changes get implemented!

3.   3.  Mardi Gras break is the best thing in the world as a teacher. The week off was sorely needed as the kids all have spring fever and senioritis. I was able to relax and get a lot accomplished during my week off. My house is somewhat more picked up, errands have been run that were on the back burner, etc. I have also just about caught up on my DVR shows that my husband doesn’t let me watch with him around (Greek, Vampire Diaries, etc) Now you see why I teach high school :)

4.  I was very disappointed with GLEE this week. Not only did I feel that the show did some bashing on the abstinence issue but the song choices were terrible. After talking to my husband we have decided that they are experiencing a bit of a sophomore slump as they are trying to find topics. There have been several episodes that I really liked this season but I think the stance on abstinence early on was a complete turn off as far as the dialogue went and the song choices were really obscure. I also want to take a moment before people bash me with the sex ed idea. I believe that kids need to make an informed choice. However, I think that choosing abstinence is not in fact “lame” or unrealistic as the show claims. On a personal note I chose abstinence and it worked for me. Thus, I don’t think it is completely unrealistic or lame.

      5. The ipad 2 intrigues me. However, I can’t seem to find one viable reason to get the darn thing. I am the kind of person that will spend money on a big purchase but I need some sort of justification even if it is flimsy. I already have a MacBook Pro so I already have the processor blah blah blah. I also have an iphone. So I can’t figure out why I would need an ipad other than it looks cool…? My husband on the other hand has a pc and has been wanting a mac and is now saying that it could be his mac computer. I find this interesting since all he does is yell at my computer because it doesn’t work like his. Maybe I will get him one and see if I can find any other use that a HUGE kindle… Any ideas??


  1. If you have an iphone, you do not need an ipad. I talked my parents into getting an ipad, and I can't see any difference in it from my ipod touch. The original ipads still don't take pics or make phone calls. Not sure if the new ipad does those things or not. Do the new ipads have the ability to work in a word processor program? That would be cool.

  2. So sorry to hear about you grandfather. I have not really seen Glee this season but it's dissapointing to hear that they are going down that road. Whole heartedly agree with you on the abstinence issue!
    Truly Bookish

  3. Thanks for the condolences. He lived a very long life.