Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Friday Five (5)

1. There will be some blog silence over the next two weeks. I finally got my general exams and proposal scheduled and am preparing for both of them! I know I will be stressed later but right now I am just glad graduation is in sight! It looks like my general will be the Thurs after Easter and the proposal will follow right after that. I have been in school for waaay too long and am looking forward to completing my journey and getting my PhD.

2. My daughter is FINALLY walking! I'm so excited that soon she will have the hang of it good enough and I won't have to carry her everywhere :) Plus she is really adorable in all the dresses I can now put her in since they won't slow her crawling down. The down side is that she is into EVERYTHING! This of course gives me less time to read and do my reviews.

3. I am having a lot of difficulty picking my next review book. It seems many of the books that I have been waiting on are coming out on May 3 which is now so close. I just can't bring myself to find any new books because I am so excited about the ones that are already coming out. Tues. the next book in the Strange Angels series comes out and that will likely be my next review since I love that series. I am just use to reading a book a day and have nothing to read in between. That might be a good thing since I should be working on my general exam. ...

4.  It's the school fair weekend for my work. I severely dislike this weekend. Working all weekend outside until 10 at night or later is not my idea of fun. I would much rather be home with my kids and carting them all over the place for various activities. In the meantime, however, I will have to resign myself to working the video game booth to benefit my son and my math club's booth.

5. I think there is a good chance that I have become anemic. I seem to be abnormally cold, bruising easy and extremely tired. I am going to go hunting for a good vitamin today. I was wondering if anyone had a good multi-vitamin suggestion? I tend to get sick from taking vitamins so I usually stick to a children's one but that has not solved my problem. I think I need something a bit stronger for a while. If anyone has a vitamin they like let me know in the comments!

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