Friday, April 8, 2011

The Friday Five (4)

      1. I am so excited about the new layout and design of the blog! I am so thankful to Tammy over at Visions Graphics Studio for coming up and designing the components. I finally feel like I have a great expression of who I am for my blog. You can find Tammy on facebook at

          2. I am driving myself crazy waiting for several books to come out. I am stalking (not literally) Chloe Neill, Lilith St. Crow and several other authors, through the web, looking for sneak peaks or the first chapter of their upcoming books. Mid-April to early May there are two or three books that I would like to read. This is a small problem since it is also when my seniors are leaving and I will be busy getting their grades finalized. In fact I just counted. On May 3 there are six books that I have been waiting forever for that come out. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that some of them are available on Amazon Vine this month!
      3. I changed my major professor this week and am really excited about it. The move made sense for me since I was going to her more and more for help with my dissertation. So I’m really excited to meet with her next week and hopefully get my defense and all that scheduled so that I can graduate.

I am really excited to be judging the teen section of the summer reads competition. See the graphic in my sidebar. If you know of any great authors that have late spring/summer releases send them over to submit their book. I am hoping to discover some really great books through judging the contest. If you are a blogger interested in judging they may still be taking judges.

5. My 10 year reunion is close to being here. I am really excited to go and see all my old classmates. I am trying to get everything lined up so my kids are taken care of so that I can go. Since I went to a boarding school most of us keep up with each other on a regular basis and are simply excited to get to all be in one place. 


  1. I love your Friday Five idea! Is it ok if I use it (and link back to your blog)?
    I hope you like your reunion. My husband and I both had our 10 years last summer but missed them (mostly because neither one of us lives in the state we grew up in anymore)
    Happy Friday!

  2. Kathy,

    That's fine!! I would love for you to use it! I can email you the graphic if you want to use the same one.

  3. That would be great. :) kathyreadsthis (at) gmail (dot) com