Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm wondering if anyone has read A Clockwork Angel and has an opinion to share? I love the Mortal Instruments books but I wasn't really drawn in by the synopsis of the book or the excerpt on the web.. Has anyone read it and can let me know if it is worth it to buy it or should I just wait until my library gets it or is it worth picking up? I am always apprehensive about getting invested in a series with only one book out.. Especially since right now I have a backlog of books to review for NetGalley...


  1. I had a friend that was so excited to read this. She won an ARC from GoodReads blocked off time to read once she got it and she was so disappointed! Her reaction made me not want to read it, but it is at Costco right now so I might just buy it...

  2. Hmmm... That's what I was afraid of. I really like the other series so much and this one just doesn't seem to interest me. I only have a Barnes and Noble or Walmart nearby and both want somewhere around 20 dollars for it. I may just wait a few more months until the library has it.

    Although I am excited for City of Fallen Angels.

  3. I'm so ready for City of Fallen Angels to come out. Seriously. But I don't believe I'm going to read the Clockwork series. It just does not interest me.