Friday, October 29, 2010

Blog Hop and Follow Friday

Its time for the Blog Hop and Follow My Blog Friday...

Book Blogger Hop

This weeks question is:

"What is the one bookish thing you would love to have, no matter the cost?"

I guess I would love a library with built in bookshelves. I have so many books and having bookshelves everywhere is a pain. Every time I read about a character with a "library" in their house I am jealous!

And its Follow Friday at Parajunkees

And this weeks question is:

If you have, or would have a daughter, what book would you want your daughter to read?

Well since my daughter is named after a character in the Looking Glass Wars serious I would say that particular series is important. Her middle name is Alyssin after Alyss in the series.

Have a great Weekend!!


  1. Following my mechanized bunny... He seemed to be wound up at full blast.

    I do not have a post set up this week for hopping but I did just finish a new review :)

    I would love to have a library at my finger tips at all times... Oh, I do, my Nook. Now for a million books to land on it!

    A book for my figurative girl... Twenty Boy Summer & Speak.

    Mad Scientist

  2. I love your blog! Stopping by from the hop, I'm a new follower. Have a great weekend :)

  3. I said library, too! Although I have very grand ideas on what would make a proper personal libray!


  4. Just hopping by. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hello!Found you through FF.I'm your newest follower!
    Have a nice weekend :)

    Anna @Books to Brighten your Mood

  6. Stopping by from the hop...hope you have a fun weekend.

    Stop by my place if you like to see my answer to this week's question.

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  8. Found you through the Hop and now following. If I had a daughter, I would want her to read Anne of Green Gables, because it was a very special book for me as a kid (and still is.) I don't require much when it comes to reading but I would like a Tardis: It travels in time, so I can go back in time to fit in the books I wanted to read while I was working, or living - and it is bigger on the inside so I have plenty of storage space for my books.

  9. Your daughter's name is great. New Follower, Hope you can stop on by:
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  10. Hopping by from the Book Blogger Hop!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween!

  11. I love that your daughter is named after a book character! There is a definite probability that I will name my children after book characters as well. Hermione, anyone? ;-)