Monday, August 2, 2010

Review of Jealousy by Lilith St. Crow

I have been a bit absent due to taking my students to the national math competition. Before you ask we didn't do as well as in the past two years but did place fairly respectably. Thus, I have been quite busy and unable to post anything on here. However, while there I shipped my copy of Jealousy to the hotel and was really excited that it came on release day fairly early in the morning. I read the entire book in one sitting while my kids were in testing and I had some rare time off. Without further ado here are my thoughts on Jealousy:

Wow. After waiting for MONTHS for this book, I finally got to read it and it was worth the wait. Jealousy was a fast-paced roller coaster with Dru’s emotions and relationships.

In the book Dru is finally brought to the main schola where she will supposedly be safe. Unfortunately for Dru there simply isn’t anywhere that is safe for her. The series continues to examine the complexities in the relationships between Dru , Christophe and Graves. I wish there was some resolution there but that will be for later books. Additionally, Lili brings more discussion Ash into the book. Dru brought Ash to the main schola and has a very maternal instinct toward him. Dru needs to be needed and Ash is the only one that truly seems to need her. Be ready for some interesting plot twists in this book because it will not end in the way you expect it to.

Jealousy is by far my favorite book so far in this series (see the Archives for a review of the first book in the series Strange Angels). It was so much faster than the other two books. Furthermore, as a reader you really feel the process of Dru blooming or going through a second puberty. She is very unsure of herself but is still trying to figure out who she is without everyone else. She has her moments where she seems weak or stubbornly strong. I believe that these traits will allow all readers to connect with her and understand the story in a first person manner. I give jealousy a 5 out of 5.

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