Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So I have been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging and from reading actual "fun" literature. Switched was my first book in quite a while that wasn't related to my dissertation. Unfortunately, for me I am spending my summer off from teaching writing my dissertation so I can finally be finished with graduate school. Of course, I highly recommend it although not for casual reading :) However, I am now in the editing process so I am hoping to get through my reading list since there have been several books released this summer that I am wanting to read. I also have several books I need to review as I read them on some down time. Hopefully, I will get some of that accomplished this week as I am taking a bit of a break for a few days.

I am also working with my five year old on his reading skills. Thus, my reading has been related to either math or kindergarden reader books about the strangest topics. We have been reading through the ABEKA curriculum books for kindergarden and the topics are just a bit strange. Entire books about how a dog ran.. Strange. I do wish I could find some books with a bit more of a story because it is not only important that he can read but that he can comprehend what he is reading. It is a bit hard to question the plot of "See spot run." "See spot run in the house"... Oh well. At least my five month old finds lots of humor in hearing him read the books to her.

I would also really appreciate it if July 29 would hurry up as I am waiting for the release of the third book in the Strange Angels series (see review below): Jealousy by Lilith Saintcrow.

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