Friday, July 8, 2011

The Five!

1. I have been so negligent of the blog this past month. Things have been crazy since my son is swimming on two swim teams and competing three times a week. AHHH! So I haven't really had a chance to stop and blog since I have been stealing any time I can find to myself just to sit in the AC and catch up on some TV.

2. We just got back from an amazing trip out to Los Angeles for ipop. My son competed in modeling and acting. He did amazing. He won several awards and trophies and it was a great experience for him. Hopefully we will be back that way for some meetings with agents soon!

3. Has anyone noticed the ridiculous heat this summer in the south? Our highs in New Orleans have been more like late July than early July. If you aren't from the south - there is a huge spike in the temperature in late July/August. I feel like I am being cooked at my son's swim practices. I am debating driving the half hour to the indoor pool and making the later practices....

4. I had to leave my daughter at home while on the trip mentioned above. She is holding a definite grudge about it. Today she wouldn't come to me or hug me. She is all about Daddy even though he left her too.. I am thinking this does not bode well for her teenage years.

5. I HATE unpacking. I will spend the next day or so unpacking and washing clothes :p then hopefully I will start working on some of the back posts....

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