Sunday, February 27, 2011

On a Personal Note

My daughter's first birthday is this Sunday. I am soo excited to have her party and wanted to share her invitations with all of you! Her middle name came from the Looking Glass Wars series. We named her Alyssin after Alyss. Thus the theme of her first birthday is Alice in Wonderland. Our Carnival Ball (mardi gras) theme had Alice in Wonderland decorations that my mom is brining and we are doing a tea party theme. I think its going to be so adorable. My mother in law is even making a blue dress just like Alice in Wonderland with the white apron and everything. I'm curious what character you would consider/did name your child after? Check out the invitations below:

Cute Right!?


  1. Too cute! Love it!

    Ok, how weird is this?!? I started reading Bitten last night, but I was kinda in the mood for Vampires too, so I downloaded Some Girls Bite and read a few chapters. Love it so far! Aren't you proud of me? Reading 2 books at once! lol You definitely have to read Die for Me - it was absolutely amazing! Can't wait for the next book to come out, whenever that will be ;(

  2. Aww so proud! Hey if you want to stop by the party it is at 2. We even had an Alice and Wonderland dress made and she will have the black headband and everything.