Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking forward to Friday

So I thought about what I would like to post this week and there really isn't a book that I want to read for about the next two weeks. I don't have any ARCs either so I am stuck waiting it out. So I decided to come up with Forward Friday (Graphic to come soon hopefully). We all look forward to friday so I thought it made sense to post the books that I am looking forward to not necessarily waiting on. So this week I am looking forward to:

The next Mercy Thompson book by Patricia Briggs. I was really bummed when she postponed her release dates last year. This book releases on Feb. 1.

My sister actually read the first book Deception and gave it to me. Great book! It had some big events happen that I didn't see coming and now I'm looking forward to the sequel on Feb 1 also.

I'm a huge Rachel Caine fan. I love all of her books. I was really sad to see her weather warden series end so I am really looking forward to the next Unseen book on Feb 1.

So it appears either I will be reading around the clock on Feb 1 or I will be deciding which ones to read. Luckily I don't have much planned for that weekend :)


  1. Who is the author of Deception? Is that the one Caitlyn was talking about at your house the other day?

  2. Yea it's the one Cait was talking about... I am not sure of the author because she took it back..