Friday, April 16, 2010

Meridian by Amber Kizer

Meridian is the gateway to heaven for dying souls. Things that die seek her out to find their way into heaven before they have to be reincarnated or taken by a dark soul reaper. Meridian is ignorant of her powers and believes that she causes death and that is why she suffers from sickness and physical ailments. All of this changes on her 16th birthday when she is sent away to live with her Aunt. She learns that she is a Fenestra, a gateway or a window. However, there is trouble brewing as forces would like to rid the world of Fenestras. Tens her protector has to find a way to keep Meridian safe in an increasingly dangerous world where the enemy isn't in the open. Meridian must stand strong and choose to love to survive.

This book was an excellent read. I highly recommend it as it is very different from the typical paranormal read. This is the first book that I have read about Fenestras and the author does an excellent job of creating suspense and giving a plot that does not rush things and yet keeps the reader interested. The typical action sequences are absent in this paranormal book. If you are looking for physical fights and romance then this book isn’t for you. While the characters must struggle to survive it is not as much a physical struggle. Meridian is a nice reprieve from the typical paranormal book.

Amber Kizer is in the process of writing a sequel to Meridian although a release date has not yet been set.

Edit: Wildcat Fireflies is the title of the sequel to Meridian and will be released in Fall 2011.

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