Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Sophia aka Sophie has been sent to a reform school for performing an over the top love spell that could potentially expose humans to the existence of the Prodigium. Prodigium are the children of the angels and are in the form of witches, shapeshifters and fae. Sophie finds herself in danger as a group of witches tries to draw her into their coven. She must navigate the world of high school and figure out the supernatural world that she wasn’t raised in.

Hex Hall is an interesting read. The love story leaves something to be desired as you never really see the true motivations within the love triangle. It is also resolved in a surprising twist. It seems as though the author is setting it up to continue throughout the series. However, for those romance fans looking for a good read this might not be the story you want to read. You may want to wait for a sequel to read it.

The plot is very intriguing as it constantly surprises the reader. It takes twists that the reader can’t possibly anticipate. Sophie’s character is well developed although at times it seems that she is very slow to action and has a habit of crying and whinning.

Overall, I think this book is a good read as it has a great story. It is different from most paranormal witch stories as not much focus is given to the witch part and more of the story revolves around the plot and typical high school experiences. There are many pop culture references that make funny one liners and Sophie’s wit will keep readers laughing throughout the story.


  1. The ending completely stunned me in the car ride home from your house. (IT'S CAITLYN!!!!)And it also made me quite mad!!!!!! Why did she want to get the Removal oops didn't mean to spill that last part!! but still i don't get why!? Is it just because she is one quarter demon?

  2. Yes. If you remember the headmistress tells her that she might live a normal life and just snap one day and kill the people she loves like her relative that killed her grandad. So she doesn't want to do that to the people that she loves. What about the whole Archer thing!??