Friday, January 4, 2013

The Friday Five! 1/4/2013

The first five of 2013

1. So I'm curious as to what the majority of people's opinions are on a New Year's resolution. It seems as though less people make them in my general circle of friends every year and I am curious as to if that is a current trend. Personally, I don't make resolutions at New Year's because I feel that whenever I have a goal that I should set it. For instance, I resolved to loose all the baby weight from my last two kids in November. So far I have lost about 15 lbs and am doing great with it. I don't feel as though you should have to make them only at New Years. If I did have something that I wanted to change at New Year's then I would likely make a resolution then. It just hasn't worked out that way in the past few years. What are your resolutions if you have them?

2. I am obsessed with the Today show. Now that I work from home I love that I get a chance to sort of watch the entire show. My son's homeschool starts at 9 AM so I catch bits and pieces after that point and while I am feeding the kids breakfast. However, I was a little disappointed with the show this week. All of the New Year's tips seem to be common sense. For instance, the saving money this year segment here is a list of suggestions they gave:
  - Make your own coffee instead of buying it and it can save you around 1000 dollars a year. I feel this is a bit of a no brainer especially with the new 1 cup serving machines.
  - Bring your lunch. This is one we struggle with in my house. My husband's office orders out all the time so I'm constantly making charts and whatnot to show him how much we spend in eating out.
The list continues but it really was a lot of obvious tips for households that have been watching spending in the past year.

3. My newest addition has finally given up the midnight feeding and is down to 1 night feeding. This is a huge relief as all of my previous kids were sleeping through the night at around a month. If only I could get her on a regular schedule that would be great.

4. I leave next Friday for my trip to Los Angeles for 2 months. I just finished planning our travel out there today and finalized everything with the apartment and furniture. I'm also really excited that my son finally has an imdb page for the 2 movies he worked in this year. It kinda makes it more real when I see him on an official site. I never thought I would be the mom of a working child actor a few years ago.

5. I have officially made it through my entire TBR pile and now have a backlog of reviews to get done. This saddens me a bit as now I don't have much to read. I find that amazon recommendations are all things I have read or don't care for and goodreads is the same issue. Anyone have some great book suggestions? I have 28 hours in a car next weekend and need reading material!

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