Saturday, December 22, 2012

Friday Five 12/21/12

1. Today was the dreaded Santa picture day for my family. We have yet to have one picture that didn't end up with one of the kids crying. This year we attempted this with a 7 week old baby.... And surprisingly it came out pretty good. Brienna (my youngest) looks a bit like a grumpy old man but everyone else is smiling and looking at the camera. I think its one of my favorites!

2. I am the WORST person at Christmas. I hate surprises so I will snoop around the house to find gifts and have no shame about it. The only line I won't cross is actually unwrapping the gifts. This year my husband finally got smart and used cash to purchase the gifts and has hidden it so well I can't find it.. Of course it makes it all the more fun for me to keep hunting around and trying to find it. He claims that one day I will outgrow this habit but since my dad is in his 50s and still doing it; I highly doubt it.

3. I am leaving in 20 days to spend 2 months in Los Angeles with my son for his acting career and I haven't done anything besides book our apartment... I am likely going to be up on Wednesday and going crazy over this. I just need to get past Tuesday and all the crazy family obligations that come wth having a huge family.

4. Is anyone else still procrastinating wrapping? I have found with the little ones in the house it is better to wait to wrap presents. So I wrapped everyone else's presents but not the kids. The drawback to this is that I have more presents for the kids than everyone else together. Now I have to somehow find time to wrap a bagillion gifts...

5. I'm really excited about next week. My good friends from high school are all coming home (we only get to see each other once or twice a year). So I have 2 days we are squeezing as much time as possible in to spend together. We all keep in touch during the year but this is one of the only times we can get together as a group. 

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