Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Five 12/14/12

Life has been fairly busy this week. Here are a few things going on:

1. I really wish retailers wouldn't put the Christmas decor, etc up so early. It makes it seem like FOREVER until Christmas finally arrives. Case in point, my two year old has argued that Santa is coming every night since Thanksgiving. She isn't quite old enough to understand the calendar I keep showing her. This makes my mornings quite rough as she is disappointed there aren't any presents. Although I must admit her enthusiasm is pretty cute.

2. I finally broke down and got an apartment for our trip to Los Angeles for my son's acting. We have stayed in a hotel the past few times and really with the new baby it would just be way to small for the 2 months that we stay there. I'm very excited about the apartment since its a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom. It will be nice to have space to move and not have to constantly try to find places to go so the kids don't get too restless. I'm a little nervous as I've only seen pictures online but I've stayed in the area a few times and hope it is as nice as it looks... I also rented my furniture and have no clue if its even going to match so that should be interesting.

3. So I have been dieting post baby (She's 6 weeks old as of yesterday) and I know I just had her yada yada. However, since I did the two kids back to back I have 2 pregnancies worth of weight to loose so I really want to get a good start on it. I have really enjoyed the weight watchers app for my phone. For those of you that need help with keeping up with what you eat its great. I don't need the meetings, etc so I gave the app a try and I love it. With 3 kids I need something that is low maintenance and this really is. I love the barcode scanner that I can use while grocery shopping to decide if something would be good for me. I also love that with 3 clicks I can journal my food and have it with me at all times. So far I'm down about 8 lbs since starting the weight watchers 2 weeks ago and about 30 since having the newest addition. Of course she was 9lbs of that weight loss...

4. I'm so excited Pitch Perfect will be coming out next week. I am going to find some time to watch it. If you haven't seen it I thought it was hilarious! The music is great and the plot is fairly decent. Mostly I enjoyed a lot of the dry humor on the part of several actresses. I'm not usually one to watch or go to movies (which I realize is weird with a child that acts in them) but this one is definitely worth the time to see it.

5. I can't wait until after Christmas when my kids get their swing set to play on. I desperately need them to run off some of their daily energy because staying home with them is wearing me out! Honestly, going to work everyday requires less than being an at home mom. Especially since I can't get my youngest 2 on some sort of schedule. It seems like when 1 is sleeping the other is awake an in need of something. I really hope I can get them on some sort of similar nap time to get at least an hour to think or get things done. Hopefully, with the swing set my two year old can at least go outside and wear herself out on the small slide and see saw that is attached. I even went and bought "outside" clothes and shoes she could ruin...

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