Monday, September 20, 2010

Moon Spun, Moon Rise and Moon Stone by Marilee Brothers

This series revolves around a young girl named Allie and the events surrounding her coming to possess a magical Moon Stone. Allie posses supernatural powers that are amplified by the stone. In addition to surviving the normal trials of being a teenager Allie has to survive being the keeper of the Moon Stone.

I found this series hard to get into at first. Being an adult that likes to read YA I tend to gravitate toward the upper end of the YA spectrum. Thus I found Allie’s goofy moments a bit difficult to get through at first. However, as I got further into the series I found it a quirk that I looked forward to seeing in her character. It sort of “grew” on me.

I did find her character flawed but fun. She is strong and independent but still has the vulnerability for a girl her age. She thinks things through and does not simply follow whatever her friends dictate. She is strong enough to take care of her mom but she doesn’t simply do everything. Her and her mother butt heads as she tries to get her to take some responsibility for the household. Also, even though her mother may not do a great job of taking care of her, Allie still makes good choices to not go out and take advantage of the situation. I do hope to see a bit more of her friends’ personalities in the next installment. They are mentioned but their characters are not developed.

The story line itself keeps the reader interested. While it took me a while to get through the first book I feel as though I am hanging off of a cliff waiting to read the fourth installment... I am left hoping that the fourth book is announced soon and maybe I can get it early thorough NetGalley ;)

I also liked that the major issues were wrapped up in each of the books. I do not feel like the entire plot is one big loose end. Some of the series that I have been reading lately have felt like nothing is ever resolved. (I don’t tend to blog about those..)
Overall, I would give the series as a whole a 4/5. For the older audience the goofy aspect may take a while to grow on you and it may take some patience to get through the first book since Allie is so young.

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